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MARCUS Line - New configurable tilt tables


The new program of tilt tables for static exercises from a prone or supine position, both for pediatric or adult use. New Chinesport configurable tilt tables. A wide range of options and accessories.

The product code for Chinesport Tilt tables depends on the configuration of the various options available. Each position in the code has a specific meaning, and corresponds to one or more characteristics of the product. Specifically, it is possible to choose a base model for static exercises from a prone or supine position, both for pediatric or adult use. The model chosen can be later modified with the necessary accessories. Tilt regulation of the table can be done by means of an hydraulic piston or electrically, either from a wall-power source or a 24Vrechargeable battery. The adjustment controls can be hand or foot operated. Different choices for the patient’s support surface are available. This does not preclude, eventually, the possibility to interchange the different footplate modules available. It is possible to choose any of the two possibilities for the width of the padded sections and it is possible to choose among 24 different colors of synthetic leather upholstery. A wide range of accessories can contribute to a further furnishing of the static therapy table.


Brochure Tilt Tables GB

Marcus line - Introduction - Product code meaning - Guide to configuration - Patient position - Adjusting the table’s tilt - Type of control for adjusting the tilt - Possible footplates for the tilt table - Width of the padded sections - Type of leather
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