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Chinesport and the COVID-19 situation


In these challenging times, Chinesport would like to reassure and guarantee you that the company remains committed to serving the interests of all customers, partners, as well as its own staff. 

We ensure you that all operational and production processes are in strict compliance with all applicable regulations and measures for infection prevention and control, as issued by the Italian government under the emergency Covid-19 situation. 

We remain available for close cooperation with all our current and potential customers. As suppliers and manufacturers in the medical sector, which includes rehabilitation and assistive devices, we feel a great sense of responsibility in being able to meet instrumental needs. 

In both the emergency and the ensuing post-emergency periods it is paramount to Chinesport to provide you with prompt responses and support. Recovery from Covid-19 infection and its consequences on the body requires prolonged rehabilitation cycles, while other rehabilitation cycles and processes will need to be restarted. 

We understand and sympathise with the added pressures medical professionals, among which the many rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapists we serve, need to work under in these circumstances. 

We therefore remain completely at your disposal to discuss the most optimal rehabilitation and assistive devices solutions with you for your work and organisation.

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